GREPATEC: GREMMLER PAGEL TECHNOLOGY is a distributor for special industrial products - Made in Germany.
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Gremmler Bauchemie GmbH Gremmler Bauchemie GmbH was founded in 1986 as manufacturer and subcontractor for namable resellers in the range of Epoxiy- und Polyurethan resins.
In the subsequent years and with 8 members of staff, special formulations – partly under private label – for resellers were designed and manufactured in cooperation with big chemical companies and patented later on.
After relocation from Essen to Hünxe in 1997 products based on epoxy and polyurethane resins (and harde- ners) as well as colored quartz stones are produced at an total area of 20.000 m2 (indoor area: 7.500 m2) with a constant increase.
In the meantime the staff has grown up to 50 employees and the product range has been expanded to quadruple size. Consequently our customers and interested parties are able to purchase not only standard priming and coating resins but diverse resins for crack injection, corrosion protection, casting and laminating as well as special adhesive and mortar formulations based on EP, PU and Acrylate.
It is our challenge to develop and manufacture successful products for your company including the absolutely necessary and consistent product quality confirmed and approved by the labels according to CE.
Make use of our potential in developing and manufacturing tailor-made products for your company. Demand the best of us in development, production and service for a common purpose – affordable success.
PAGEL Spezial-Beton GmbH & Co. KG PAGEL SPEZIAL-BETON GmbH & Co. KG, from Essen in Germany, has been definitive to the development of grout and other specialist mortars for over four decades now. PAGEL GROUT SYSTEMS, which include the well-known V1 series of grouts, and PAGEL CONCRETE REPAIR SYSTEMS have long since established themselves as quality benchmarks across the world.
PAGEL develops, produces and sells special mortars and grout systems for precision machines, wind turbines, anchor and injection work, repair systems for concrete, drinking water reservoirs, sewer and waste water systems, and industrial floors.
Our extensive product range, our products' consistent high quality and high level of reliability, coupled with our hands-on consulting services, are the foundation of the excellent international reputation we enjoy today. Our main concern always has and will be our customers' satisfaction.
As a result, PAGEL SPEZIAL-BETON GmbH & Co. KG has been EN ISO 9001-certified since 1995. All of our products furthermore comply with the regulations and requirements for the CE mark and our internal production control is certified to DIN EN 1504-3, DIN EN 1504-6 and DIN EN 1504-7.
PAGEL products are produced in more than 10 different countries and sold in more than 50 countries globally through a number of Pagel subsidiaries and contractual partners.
PURUS PLASTICS GmbH - ECORASTER PURUS PLASTICS constantly monitors the quality of the self-generated raw materials and the in-house produced products, to guarantee what we promise: "Quality, made in Germany!" As a technology leader we will not stop improving, in order to relieve future generations and to save valuable resources.
For more than 20 years, PURUS PLASTICS has manufactured ECORASTER permeable ground reinforcement system, made of 100% recycled materials (LDPE). Our very first installation of ECORASTER E50 „Classic“ was installed over 20 years ago at a busy waste collection depot. This specific installation is found in a cold climate and the grid has been subjected to the constant freeze-thaw cycle as well as constant snow plowing. Even with constant use by heavy trucks and repetitive loading and unloading, the area remains level, stable and in very good condition. The area has been allowed to naturally vegetate.
Manufacturing our ECORASTER system for more than 20 years and its installation worldwide has proven that our system is durable, loadable and sustainable. As a founding member of the European quality network for "products made out of recycled materials" we want to ensure that best quality, best value and the highest environmental compatibility is ensured.